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"I was just injured in a wreck, my car was totalled, it was not my fault, but the insurance company is already being unfair with me." At MCCUTCHEN & SEXTON - THE LAW FIRM, we hear statements like this every day. Whether you are injured in a car accident, through the negligence of a hospital or doctor, or through someone else is negligence, insurance companies are not going to be fair with you. They are concerned about only one thing-what is the smallest amount of money that they can get you to release them. You can rest assured that The Law Firm is on your side. Our 30-day no risk guarantee gives you peace of mind that you have made the right decision in hiring The Law Firm. Before you hire a lawyer, ask him or her if they offer a 30-day no risk guarantee where you can walk away and owe nothing within the first 30-days if you are not satisfied. We are so confident in the level of service that we provide that we offer the 30-day no risk guarantee in virtually every case.

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